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I just finished the most fascinating journey through the most fascinating book. This book is about a man with a magical baseball bat who found a meadow in his pantry. From the meadow came a maiden with a gaping wound in her side. After he bandaged up her wound, the maiden (named Glorian) asked him to help her find a duck. A plain, white, goes “quack-quack” duck. Finding this duck would save her world! He agrees and they set out.  Soon after they start on the quest, however, Glorian is captured. Without a guide or provisions, the man (named Gideon) finds a deserted town to spend the night in. In the morning he wakes up to a horse-sized goat on the road. The lorra (the goat) becomes his mode of transportation and companion. They eventually find the duck and Glorian, but not before they fall off the edge of the world, are washed down a river, and undergo other unpleasant experiences.

What an adventure! What a book! It kept me on my toes the entire time. I don’t think I would have picked up this book normally, but my friend gave it to me for my birthday. You should totally read it! It’s called Blood River Down by Lionel Fenn.